• Welcome to Tyne  Valley Garden Centre

    Welcome to Tyne Valley Garden Centre

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    Welcome to
    Tyne Valley Garden Centre

    We are a family-run garden centre, set in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside, in the village of Mickley. We are passionate about plants and stock everything from trees to flowers, and from herbs to houseplants. We also have a range of garden furniture, arches and obelisks, and our aquatics department caters to both ponds and tanks.

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    Garden Tip

    Five easy veg

    When you're starting out with your new veg garden and trying to decide what to grow first, the sheer variety of vegetables that opens up to you when you grow your own can be bewildering. You'll find so many different types in our garden centre in STOCKSFIELD, from artichokes to zucchini, not to…

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