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Tyne Valley Garden Centre

We are a family-run garden centre, set in the beautiful Northumbrian countryside, in the village of Mickley. We are passionate about plants and stock everything from trees to flowers, and from herbs to houseplants. We also have a range of garden furniture, arches and obelisks, and our aquatics department caters to both ponds and tanks.

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Garden Tip

Winter vegetables

When you're happily beavering away in the veg garden over summer in Stocksfield, it can seem like the long days of abundant flowers and fruit will never end. But one day, inevitably, you cut the last pumpkin and pull up the bean plants and it is, undeniably, winter.

There's no need to sto…

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15 Gardening tips for March

Welcome to the March edition of our gardening guide! As the embrace of winter loosens its grip, our gardens come alive with the promise of spring. In this month's tips, we're your companions on the journey of March gardening – a time of budding possibilities and vibrant renewal. From nurturing soil to coaxing forth new life, each tip is crafted to guide you through essential tasks, ensuring your garden blossoms into a thriving outdoor haven. Let's dive into the rhyt...

Get to know the special properties of indoor plants

Welcome to the fascinating world of indoor plants, where greenery meets a myriad of special properties that go beyond mere aesthetics. As we bring the outdoors inside, these botanical companions offer more than just visual delight. Indoor plants are nature's silent marvels, enhancing our well-being and the ambiance of our living spaces. In this exploration, we'll delve into the unique attributes that make indoor plants not just decorations but essential contributors...