Shrubs are defined as hardy plants with multiple woody stems and are ideal for forming the "backbone" of a garden design. They do not usually grow larger than 4 metres high and are long living. Different types of shrubs can have different functions within your garden design, adding texture, colour, and shape to your garden. 

We grow a wide range of "Starter Shrubs" here in Mickley, pot-grown in 1 litre pots at £5 each or 3 for £12. The site here is a windy north-facing slope, so if you buy from us you can be assured that all your purchased plants are well used to the Northumberland climate! We also grow and stock a very wide range of larger pot-grown shrubs, anything from Abelia to Zelkova! These vary in price depending on size and variety, with options from under £10 to over £30, and include plants with fantastic foliage, beautiful berries and fabulous flowers!




Shrubs for adding texture

Both evergreen and deciduous shrubs can offer interesting and varying textures to your garden.  Despite losing their foliage over the winter months, many of the deciduous shrubs, still offer stems with interesting textures (and colours and shapes). 



Shrubs for adding shape and structure

Taller-growing shrubs make great screening plants (see our Hedging section too), whereas lower-growing and dwarf species can be useful for providing ground cover and weed suppression. Many shrubs are fairly compact and at their full potential, will not grow larger than 4 metres high. 

Shrubs for adding colour

Many shrubs add beautiful splashes of colour to your garden. We stock a very large range of shrubs with leaves and stems in varying colours and shapes. Of course, many shrubs have a spectacular flowering season too.