Border Perennials

Border Perennials are a great way to fill your garden with long-lasting colour! Perennial plants return year after year, so can be lower-maintenance than annuals, which require replacing.

We stock a vast selection of border perennials, with options available to suit a wide range of garden styles and conditions. Many of these plants thrive in sunny spots, but there are stunning options available for shadier gardens too. 1 Litre Perennials are available at £5 each or 3 for £12. 

Choosing perennials to suit your garden

Bolder forms might suit a sleek modern garden, whilst looser or trailing plants can give a more relaxed feel. Mixed planting schemes are an excellent choice, allowing the varying forms and colours of the plants to shine in contrast with one another. With a little thought and research, a mixed planting scheme can also mean that you always have something in flower!

Ask our knowledgeable garden centre staff for more advice on choosing the best perennials to suit your garden. 

Foliage Plants

Flowers aren’t the only important aspect of your planting scheme, and some plants may be grown solely or primarily for their foliage. Grasses and foliage plants, such as heuchera, bring interest through their textures and the variety of colours they offer. These plants are great for filling space and hiding bare earth at the front of borders.