Trees can be an excellent statement in the garden. They come in a variety of sizes, with beautiful flowers, foliage, bark and berries, which vary throughout the year. Trees attract wildlife, providing food and habitats for a variety of small mammals, birds and insects, and can help to give your garden more privacy and protection from the elements. 

We grow and stock a number of native tree species, alongside a very wide range of pot-grown ornamental trees, generally around 2 metres, or 7 foot, tall. Our range of smaller specimens and dwarf cultivars mean that even the smallest of gardens can house a tree.

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Small trees for small gardens

We stock a range of trees suitable for growing in smaller gardens, or even for growing in containers. This includes neatly trimmed topiaries and formal standards, as well as more natural forms. Even small trees offer plenty of choice in form, foliage, and seasonal interest; they may be evergreen or deciduous, come in a range of colours, and many produce delightful flowers or fruits. 

Even plants that can grow quite large may be suitable for a smaller space with a little maintenance and regular pruning. Most of our plants are labelled with an eventual height and spread to help you decide, or click here to find our suggestions of trees for small gardens.

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Japanese Maples

Also known as Acers, these fantastic trees are prized for their beautiful shapes and fantastic foliage. They tend to be smaller, slow-growing trees, making them ideal for gardens with less space and for container planting. Preferring a sheltered, shady spot, they also do well when planted below larger trees and plants.

Japanese Maples are best known for their beautiful lobed or feathery leaves, which come in a variety of colours and are often at their best in autumn. We stock plants with a rainbow of foliage, from bright yellows to vibrant greens to deep purples. Acers are also praised for their graceful forms, and we sell upright, spreading and weeping varieties, so you can find the best shape for your space.

Native Trees

We carry a variety of native trees, primarily pot-grown and usually around 2 metres or 7 foot tall. Native trees are the best options for helping out nature in your garden, and encompass a range of attractive options.

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Trees for Blossom

Spring is the time for beautiful blooms! Cherry trees, with their frothy pink or white blossom, might be one of the most-well known flowering trees, but they are far from the only one. We stock a range of cherry, apple and plum trees, both ornamental and edible, which will produce a stunning display. Hawthorn, or May blossom, is another lovely sight, and is a native tree. Magnolia trees also put out their stunning, large flowers at this time of year.