Fire pits and chimeneas in the garden

Fire pits and chimeneas in the garden

Using fire pits and chimeneas in the garden is a fantastic way to extend your time spent outside, especially during the colder months. It can be seriously relaxing to wrap up in a blanket and sit outside on a cool evening with a cup of hot chocolate in front of a fire. You might spot bats in the sky and be able to see constellations up above. Even during the day, a fire is great for keeping your toes warm when you're in the garden, or as a way to add atmosphere when having some friends over. A fire pit or chimenea will mean you can sit outside for longer, even on chilly evenings.

What are the differences between fire pits and chimeneas?

Chimeneas give off plenty of heat and are much like a free-standing fireplace. In the past, they were used for heating and cooking. Usually round with a vertical chimney, they can look great in all garden settings. Fire pits are available in various forms, but are usually round and open-topped, like a bowl. Generally, you will only burn firewood in a chimenea, whilst a variety of fuel can be used in a fire pit. 

Different types of fire pits and chimeneas

There are a variety of fire pits and chimeneas to choose from, depending on your style. There are large iron, copper or steel fire pits which not only look spectacular when lit up, but also when sat on your patio in between uses. Some beaches may allow fire pits, and taking along a smaller, more portable option can make for a wonderful evening by the sea. There are even some fire pits that create no smoke at all. Clay chimeneas are the most popular and least expensive, but there are also cast iron, copper and a host of others with various sizes and shapes available. 

Fire pits and chimeneas in the garden DIY style

Building your own can be fun, and you can build to the size you require. You can buy a build-your-own fire pit kit with everything needed; these are usually made from bricks, placed into a circular position in a hole in the ground full of soil, often with an inner lining for safety.  There are quite a few instructional videos available online, so you can get lots of ideas before you try it yourself. Chimeneas are a bit more tricky as they should be made from clay. Purchasing one ready-made is the best option. 

Safe use of fire pits and chimeneas in the garden

Never place either near your home, trees or any other structures. Please make sure they are stable. Set the chimenea or  fire pit on bricks or pavement and never onto a deck or flammable surface. Don’t use chemicals or flammable liquids in a chimenea, and give yourself plenty of space around to sit. Fire pits are more open, and the flames are more exposed, so ensure you sit at a safe distance. Remember, both are hot! So keep children and pets away. Always read the safety instructions. 

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