Low maintenance evergreen plants

Low maintenance evergreen plants

Planting low-maintenance evergreen plants in your garden is an easy way to have a garden full of colour all year round with very little maintenance. Many evergreen plants will also flower, and others will show different colour foliage at various times throughout the year. There are many available to choose from that will grow in different soil, aspects, and even in containers, so always check the label instructions and select the right plant for your space. These are some of our recommendations. 

Top 5 low-maintenance evergreen plants to plant in autumn

Autumn is the best time to plant perennials, flower bulbs, shrubs, trees and other plants. If you're looking for plants that don't require too much attention throughout the year, read on for our top 5 low-maintenance evergreen plants to plant in autumn.

  1. Hebe

Hebes are a great option with so many different sizes and colours to choose from. They really are one of the best evergreen shrubs for gardeners. They specifically like free-draining soil and plenty of sun. The flowers are great for attracting pollinators, so they are good for all-round biodiversity. Hebe ‘Silver Anniversary' has lovely variegated foliage with purple flowers. 

  1. Daphne 

The fragrance of the Daphne is unmistakable and a must in the garden. The flowers' perfume is a lovely, sweet scent, which attracts pollinators as well. There are many Daphnes perfect for growing in containers, so if you have little space, you can still enjoy the pretty flowers and fragrance. Try Daphne 'Eternal Fragrance' for long-lasting flowers, and make sure it grows near your door or patio so you can enjoy the scent every time you walk by or relax in your garden chair. 

  1. Nandina

For some beautiful autumn changing colour, Nandina is an excellent choice. The gold leaves change to green, then to a deep red, often with accents of fiery red too. Not only do the colours change, but this evergreen also has pretty white flowers and stunning berries during the summertime. Try Nandina domestica 'Flirt'.

  1. Sarcococca

Sarcococca has lovely white flowers with a honey-filled scent. Not only are they pretty and fragrant, but they bloom just when there isn't much else in flower - during the depths of winter. Much needed by winter insects, the flowers are full of nectar, and the berries are loved by wildlife too. From larger to compact varieties, there is one for every garden. Plant it by your front door so you can enjoy the fragrance every time you walk into your home. 

  1. Choisya

You may know this as the Mexican orange blossom with its bright, beautiful foliage and fragrant white flowers. This evergreen shrub is reliable, cheerful and very pest and disease-resistant. The foliage is glossy green through to bright yellow, and really does add a feel of the tropics to a garden. It works great when planted towards the back of a sunny border. Choisya ternata 'Sundance' is the most popular. 

Use the autumn season to plant new low-maintenance evergreen plants such as those mentioned above. We still have a large selection of evergreen plants in store. Visit us soon! Check our opening hours and make your garden and balcony greener.

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