A favourite flower of many, our roses are available in a wide variety of colours, types and fragrances. You can even choose one of our special occasion roses to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays and retirements. 

We stock old fashioned shrub roses, rambling roses, climbing roses, hybrid tea roses, and floribunda roses. Prices range from £14.95 to £17.95. 

 Bare-root plants are bought from a specialist rose grower in November, then we pot them up, and offer them for sale the following year. The best selection is available in early March, but they can be bought throughout the year. In summer, a blooming rose will add instant colour to your garden, or make a spectacular gift. Later in the year, our roses get a good prune, so will look less impressive in the pot, but will be ready to give you a fantastic display in the summer.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid Tea Roses are bred mainly for their large, showy flowers and strong fragrance. A classic style of rose, they tend to produce shapely, single flowers at the end of long, straight stems. These qualities make them excellent cut flowers, as well as looking gorgeous in the garden. Many of our Special Occasions roses are Hybrid Teas.

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda Roses are bred to produce an abundance of flowers over a longer period. They tend to produce clusters of flowers, and carry on producing throughout the season. Another popular choice, these roses are available in a vast array of colours.

Climbing and Rambling Roses

Climbing and rambling roses are spreading varieties, with climbers tending to have a more vertical growth pattern. Both types put on a spectacular display when flowering. Ramblers tend to flower once, producing an abundance of smaller flowers along their length, whereas climbers are often repeat-flowering, with larger blooms. Climbing roses look great when trained against walls, tumbling fences, scrambling over pergolas, or even as ground cover. 

Patio Roses

Patio Roses are bred to be compact, bushy and free-flowering; ideal for planting in containers! Often bearing smaller flowers than other roses, but they are no less colourful and can still be pleasantly fragrant. We also stock Climbing Patio Roses, useful in areas where you don't want too vigorous a climber, or where you aren't able to plant into the ground and need something suitable for growing in a pot.

Ground Cover Roses

Ground Cover Roses are low growing and vigorous ground covering plants. These roses are popular for covering bare ground between plants in your garden. They look great in rock gardens or towards the front end of a border.