Surrounding yourself with plants has been proven to have positive effects on your mental health and the cleanliness of your air. They can transform and bring life to areas of your home and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit in whatever spare space you might have. For advice on how to display your houseplants, click here.

We stock a wide range of houseplants here at Tyne Valley Garden Centre, ask our knowledgeable staff for any advice on specific plants and what to choose to suit the space you have. 

Flowering Houseplants

Flowering Houseplants can make the perfect gift for friends and family and add splashes of colour around the house. Flowering houseplants, if cared for correctly, can provide blooms lasting much longer than cut flowers. We stock a wide range including Kalanchoes, Orchids and Cyclamen.   


Climbing and Trailing Houseplants

A trailing or climbing houseplant is an excellent way to add greenery and foliage in a small space and allow you to bring a jungle-like feeling to your home. 



Low Maintenance Houseplants

We stock a range of easy-to-care-for houseplants which are ideal for someone new to gardening. These low maintenance houseplants can survive in a range of different light conditions so are able to live wherever you might have some spare space. 

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Foliage Houseplants

Foliage plants are particularly stylish at the moment and make an ideal addition to your home. 

From the striking shades of the Calathea to the large and glossy leaves of the Monstera (Swiss Cheese Plant), these foliage houseplants can bring a range of textures, tones, and shapes to a room. 

For the smaller gardener!

Houseplants can be a great way to capture the curiosity and interest of kids! 

Some of our interesting and entertaining plants include: 

  • Carnivorous plants such as Venus Fly Traps, whose traps snap shut when their sensitive "trichomes" are stimulated, can provide enormous entertain for children. When maintained in ideal conditions, Venus Fly Traps can live for about 20 years. 


  • Pitcher Plants can similarly spark interest from children with a curiosity for the gruesome, with their series of dangerous snares awaiting the next poor unassuming insect...! Insects are enticed by the colour and sweet fragrance of the plant and lured into the slippery tube-like plant. The acidic conditions inside the plant ensure the insect's demise.