Hedges bring a lot of benefits to the garden, providing shade and privacy, marking boundaries or zones, and providing homes and food for a wealth of wildlife. Our range includes evergreens, native plants, flowering plants and more, so there's sure to be something to suit your space. Most of our hedging plants are less than £10 per plant, and selected plants are available on a multibuy offer, 5 for £25.

Native Hedging

Planting native trees is particularly good for biodiversity in our gardens, and many native plants also make fantastic hedges. We stock a range of native hedging plants, including evergreens such as yew, and plants that produce flowers and fruits, such as cherry plum or blackthorn.

Evergreen Hedging

An evergreen hedge is useful as it will remain a dense barrier throughout the year. We stock several evergreen hedging plants, including conifers like Yew, and shrubs such as Pyracantha and Lonicera nitida.

Screening Hedging

Planting hedges can also make a great, more attractive and natural alternative to fencing, to mark your boundary or give your garden more privacy. There are many different species suitable for use as screening hedges, including Yew, Beech and Wild Privet. Many taller growing shrubs such as laurel and Euonymous plants also work well as screening plants. Just bear in mind that deciduous plants will lose their leaves in winter, leaving you with a more open structure to your hedge.