Grasses & Bamboo


With their strappy leaves, grasses can add a different texture to your gardening palette. We stock a varied range of grasses, with colours from the usual greens, to icy blues and dark blacks. In a sunny spot, many grasses also produce flowers and seedheads, adding further interest in different seasons of the year.

Many of our grasses are perfectly sized to fit into your borders and beds, providing contrast against the other plants, and adding movement with their waving leaves. A spiky clump of grass can also make an attractive focal point, and larger specimens can be a bold feature all on their own.


Bamboos are striking plants, tall and upright, with evergreen leaves that dance in the slightest breeze. We stock a selection of varieties, with stems in various colours of green, and sometimes even gold or black.

Our taller bamboo plants are a great way to create privacy or shade in your garden, and you can even harvest the canes for use as plant supports! Shorter plants can be a more affordable option, and most will grow tall with time, or can be kept short with occasional pruning, to fit the space you have.