Fruit Trees and Bushes

There is nothing better than the taste of freshly picked fruit! We have a wide selection of fruit trees and bushes for you to choose from, whether you want to grow a few berries on your balcony, or are stocking a whole orchard.

Our range of fruit trees

A fruit tree is a lovely addition to the garden, providing you with several seasons of interest, as well as a delicious harvest. Our range includes apples, pears, plum and cherries, as well as more unusual options, such as medlars and walnuts.

Our fruit trees are pot grown, and most are priced at £35. We also offer dwarf cultivars for container growing or smaller gardens, and espalier trees ready to be grown against a wall or fence.

Some fruit trees require planting in a pair or group in order to produce fruit, so make sure to check your variety before purchasing a standalone plant.

Bushes and Berries

We stock a range of berries, from the traditional gooseberry and the firm favourite strawberry, to more unusual plants such as honeyberry, an edible honeysuckle packed with antioxidants. If you have a sunny spot, you might like to try growing grapes - a great option for fruit lovers and for keen homebrewers!

Blueberries, blackberries, rhubarb and raspberries round out our selection of fruit plants, so there is bound to be something that would go well in your fruit bowl!