Conifers and Heathers

Conifers and heathers are hardy, low-maintenance, evergreen plants, and will both add interest to the garden for many years and look great when planted alongside each other. The wide range of conifers available means they can be suitable for a variety of uses. Selecting different varieties of heather can also give you colour across multiple seasons. Click here for more information about conifers suitable for small gardens. 

We have a wide variety of conifers and heathers available at Tyne Valley Garden Centre. 9cm Heather plants are available at £3 each or £10 for 4. 1 litre plants are available for £5 each or 3 for £12. 


Larger Conifers

Larger conifers are an excellent choice for hedging, providing dense screens and blocking noise pollution well. They are also good statement trees or can be planted in series. Conifer cones also add interest. Large conifers are good for shadier and other more difficult areas of the garden. 

Small Conifers

Dwarf and low-growing conifers are great for adding to pots, borders and rockeries. They grow in a variety of ways and dwarf conifers can be: mounding, spreading, or columnar. They are a great feature plant and add height and cover ground in gardens. They come in a variety of colours and textures. 



Heathers are evergreen and there are plants suitable for summer and winter months. Generally, Erica is chosen for winter and Calluna for the summer. Most types of Heather are good for bees and can provide food when not many other plants are flowering. Heather is drought tolerant and come in a range of pinks, purples, reds, and whites. White Heather is often seen as being lucky! An acidic soil is preferable.