Fertilising your lawn

Fertilising your lawn

Start fertilising your lawn to get that perfect lush green grass to step onto or to have a picnic, garden party or just because you want to admire it from the kitchen window. It is a very easy gardening job to do and one that will be most satisfying when you are proud of your green, healthy lawn. If you don’t want to fertilise your lawn, we have some other ideas for you below as well. 

When to start fertilising your lawn 

It is a good idea to wait until your grass is growing well in late spring before you start to fertilise the lawn. Then again, fertilise your lawn just one or two more times throughout the year. It really shouldn’t need much at all, but doing this at any other time of the year will mean both wasted product, and it could be detrimental to your lawn. So wait until the weather and soil temperature has warmed up and start fertilising. 

Fertilising your lawn options 

There are many different choices for lawn fertilisers. We offer:

  • liquid feed,
  • granules,
  • sprays for smaller patches.

It really is a decision for you to make. Some lawn fertilisers come with added lawn seed and moss killer all on one, which takes your lawn through a process of killing the moss to make way for the grass seed to grow and be fertilised. Have a good look at the options available to you so you can make the right choice for your garden. 

Fertilising your lawn or other options 

If you aren’t sure if you want to fertilise your lawn or even have a traditional well kept green lawn, there are other options for a thriving lawn. You could let your lawn run wild or at least part of it. Allowing the grass to grow and wildflowers to seed can bring a great deal of biodiversity to the garden. Taller grass will be home to many insects and feed larger garden wildlife. You could alternatively have a creeping thyme lawn or even a sensory chamomile lawn. Neither of which will need fertilising! 

Fertilising your lawn tips 

Be careful not to use spring fertiliser in the autumn and vice versa. Specific lawn feeds are made up of different nutrition for your lawn and need to be applied at the right time of year. Ideally, don’t pick up a cheap fertiliser that is too high in nitrogen as that won’t keep your grass looking great long term. Make sure the fertiliser is a balanced mix of nutrients, and the application is easy for you to do. 

We have a wide range of fertilisers, and if you would like to speak to someone in store about which to choose, please speak to one of our friendly team who will be able to advise you. 

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