Top tips to keep your Christmas tree thriving

Top tips to keep your Christmas tree thriving

These tips to keep your Christmas tree thriving will help you to ensure your festive tree lasts as long as possible without dropping too many needles or, even worse - falling over! A real Christmas tree brings a touch of tradition to the festivities and can be decorated in any style. The fragrance of a Christmas tree is very distinctive and helps to make it the most beautiful time of the year. 

  1. Choose your tree wisely 

When you choose your tree, there are a few things to look out for before you decide to take one home.

  • Firstly check there are no needles on the floor and rub your hands along a stem to ensure the needles don't drop off.
  • The colour will depend on the variety of tree, for example, a deep green for a Nordmann Fir, Fraser Fir and Norway Spruce and blueish coloured needles for a Blue Spruce.
  1. First steps to take at home

When the tree is first chopped down, the sap runs to the wound, and it will seal quickly, meaning it can't absorb water so well. Cut about an inch off the trunk before placing it straight into the water. Scoring around the trunk can also help.

  1. Safety aspects for your tree

Make sure your tree is in a safe place, situated away from candles. It will need to fit well and securely in its stand with access close by for the lights to plug in. The plug socket should be easy for you to reach so you can turn off the lights when you are not home or going to sleep. It's tempting to overdress your tree, but too much and it could topple over. 

  1. Place it in the perfect space 

Stand your Christmas tree away from any heat sources and direct heat and where you can easily get presents from underneath. The tree will dry out very quickly if it is under string lights or if the sun is shining directly on it, so bear that in mind when positioning and watering. Consider your pets, also; a guard around the bottom (similar to a fire guard) is an excellent way to keep cats from climbing the tree.  

  1. Tree watering requirements 

The water will regularly need topping up, which is key to keeping your tree thriving all Christmas. The water at the base can soon run dry, and then your needles will drop in no time. Regular watering will ensure the tree gets to drink throughout the whole festive season and stays looking good until the very end. 

Visit us in store and pick your perfect Christmas tree. 

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