Decorate your home for Christmas

Decorate your home for Christmas

These ways to decorate your home for Christmas will bring sparkle and joy to your festive celebrations. From baubles and tinsel to lights and natural decorations that you can make yourself, there are many ways to make sure you are ready for Christmas. You might be thinking of a glitzy and glamorous theme or a classic red, white and gold, but whatever your preference, Christmas decorating is always fun to do. 

  1. Glitz and glamorous colours 

Bring all the sparkle to your dinner table with a starry gold or silver and white theme. From white fairy lights and tall candles to crisp white napkins and gold or silver cutlery to match, you can have a very plush Christmas. Match your dinner table with your festive decorations and add gold, silver and white baubles to the tree, and ensure there are accents of gold and silver in your mantelpiece and staircase wreaths. 

  1. Classic style

The classic Christmas colours (red and green) are a popular choice not just because they look lovely but can bring the traditional Christmas feeling to your home. Fill your tree with green and red tinsel, and add some shiny decorations and a big star on top. Don’t forget the matching wreath for the front door, mini decorations for your shelves and some flashing lights for the party. 

  1. Natural craft decorations

If you’d prefer a natural and cost-saving way to decorate this year, try making your own decorations from foraged pine cones, twigs and leaves. Dry leaves and then paint patterns in white, gold and silver on them before hanging them on a tree or use as table décor. Pine cones can be placed in a bowl or clear vase with lights, and with a little string and creativity, twigs can be made into shapes such as Christmas trees and stars, to hang from the tree. If you want a more modern take on a Christmas tree, you could make your own stick tree from small fallen branches and decorate it with holly and baubles. 

Mash it up!

Of course you can always decorate with no style or colour theme in mind! Display any colour, pattern or bauble that catches your eye, look for unusual festive decorations and figurines,  and pick the Christmas tree topper that speaks to you, without worrying about matching everything! Christmas is for you and your family and can be as fun and crazy as you want it to be. So why not break the rules and mash up your décor in your very own style!

Whichever style you choose, visit us in store to choose from our range of Christmas decorations. 

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