Caring For Your Fish After Purchase

Caring For Your Fish After Purchase

When buying fish be careful not to overstock the aquarium as this can lead to reduced oxygen levels in the water and excessive amounts of fish waste. This can reduce the effectiveness of the filter and cause increases in  ammonia and nitrites, which could cause fish to become unwell or die.

Depending on the volume of your aquarium you will need to do regular partial water changes of 20 to 25% either weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Use a siphon gravel cleaner to remove the water and any fish waste, then top up using de-chlorinated water. Use water at room temperature to prevent sudden shock to the fish.

Testing the water from your aquarium at regular intervals will allow you to notice if any of the water parameters are not at suitable levels and allow you to correct these levels before they become a problem for your fish. Our aquatics staff will be able to advise you on the appropriate levels.

Keep your aquarium temperature at the recommended level for your fish species as fluctuations in temperature can stress your fish, make them poorly, and result in their death. Using an aquarium heater set to the correct temperature will ensure the water temperature remains constant. Don't place your aquarium near windows or radiators as the temperature can rise to levels unsuitable for your fish.

Regular maintenance of your aquarium and filter is an essential part of providing a healthy environment for your fish. Keeping your tank clean and well-maintained means that it looks great too!

There is a wide range of food types available to feed your fish including flake foods, pellets, wafers, freeze dried and frozen food, all of which can provide a full range of nutrients and minerals essential to the health of your fish. Which ones you will need will depend on the types of fish you choose to have in your aquarium. Speak to our aquatics expert when you purchase your fish to make sure you have everything you need to keep your new friends well fed!