Fish Care

Caring for your Fish after Purchase

When purchasing any fish it is good practice to find out from your
supplier what the water parameters are at the shop so you can try
to get yours as close as possible, this reduces the risk of fish losses
in the early stages.

Float the fish in their bag in your aquarium for between 15-30
minutes to allow the water in the bag to get close to the water
temperature in your aquarium.
On opening the bag, add about 20% volume of the bag from your
own aquarium water to the bag every 5 minutes until full.
This allows the fish to get used to the new water and temperature
without stress or shock.
Slowly tilt the bag and allow the fish to swim out into their new
environment. If you don't want to add the shops water to your
aquarium, before releasing the fish remove the bag from the water
and drain off as much of the water as you are able to while still
keeping the fish covered, then return the bag to the aquarium and
release the fish.

When buying fish be careful not to over stock the aquarium as this
can lead to reduced oxygen levels in the water, excessive amounts
of fish waste which can reduce the effectiveness of the filter and
can cause increases in Ammonia and Nitrite which could cause
fish to become un-well and die.

Depending on the volume of your aquarium you will need to do
regular partial water changes of 20 to 25% either weekly,
fortnightly or monthly. Use a siphon gravel cleaner to remove any
fish waste and the water, then top up using de-chlorinated water at
room temperature to prevent sudden shock to the fish.


Testing the water from your aquarium at regular intervals will
allow you to notice if any of the water parameters are not at
suitable levels and allow you to correct these levels before they
become a problem for your fish. Staff at your aquatics supplier
will be able to advise you on this.

Keep you aquarium temperature at the recommended level for
your fish species as fluctuations in temperature can stress your
fish, make them poorly and result in their death. Using a aquarium
heater set to the correct temperature will ensure the water
temperature remains constant. Don't place your aquarium near to
windows or radiators as the temperature can rise to levels
unsuitable for your fish depending on species. Staff at your
aquatics shop can advise you on this.

Regular maintenance of your aquarium and filter will help it
maintain a healthy environment for your fish. By keeping it clean
it not only will look great but help to prevent any problems with
your fish which a poorly maintained aquarium can allow to occur.

There are a wide range of food types available to feed your fish
from flake foods and pellets, wafers, freeze dried and frozen food,
all of which provide a full range of nutrients and minerals
essential to the health of your fish. Which ones you will need will
depend on the types of fish you choose to have in your aquarium.
Your aquatics shop staff will be able to advise you

Should you require further information, staff at your aquatics shop
will be pleased to help you.



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