About us

Welcome to Tyne Valley Garden Centre, a friendly family run business with a passion for plants. You`ll find us in the village of Mickley, high on the valley side, with fantastic views over the beautiful Northumbrian countryside.

Our roots go back to the 1920’s when the enterprising village cinema owner branched out into market gardening. Back then, as well as growing flowers and vegetables, the main trade was selling leek and tomato plants to the mad keen pitmen gardeners. Some of the original timber glasshouses from that period are still standing - we like to look after things!

Nowadays we still sell plants. We sell lots of plants. Our plants come in all shapes and sizes and for any use, you can think of. But we’ve moved with the times and added some extras. So, when you’ve done all of your plant buying, you could grab something in the gift shop, or float by the aquatics, and then taste the coffee & cake in the café.

John has been running this business for longer than he cares to remember and has turned white in the process. Now ably assisted by Steve, Julie, Michael, Will, Terry, Brian, (another) John, Paige, June & James, between us we are able to offer you well over 200 years of north-eastern horticultural experience.

And you can still buy tomato and leek plants if you want to! (but only at the right time of year)